The Stereo Navigator™ enables physicians to target and guide biopsy devices toward abnormalities visible on Breast PET, facilitated by the biopsy software that displays needle target position and suggested trajectory to obtain tissue samples for pathologic evaluation. The cutting edge in targeted molecular imaging of breasts, this PET-guided biopsy accessory is indicated for the localization of lesions in female breasts.


  • Greater patient comfort and reduced anxiety with no claustrophobia or prone positioning issues
  • Secure needle guide support for ease in device placement
  • Precise lesion targeting in three dimensions through tomographic imaging and automated software
  • Prompt verification of device positioning by line source scanning and software overlay
  • Immediate confirmation of sampling accuracy with post-biopsy imaging
  • Compatible with the following breast biopsy devices: Mammotome® Breast Biopsy System (Devicor™ Medical Products, Inc.), ATEC® Breast Biopsy System (Hologic, Inc.) and EnCor® Breast Biopsy System (C.R. Bard, Inc.)