Your Total Molecular Breast Imaging Solution


Increase in invasive cancer detection rates


Reduction of biopsies in women with dense breast tissue compared to other modalities

Fewer Limitations

Overcomes the limitations of other modalities


Provides lower costs per breast cancer detected in women with dense breast tissue

Case Studies 

MBI Prescribed Due to Dense Breast Tissue

Courtesy of Robin Shermis, MD ProMedica Toledo Hospital, Toledo, OH

BPI to Monitor Neoadjuvant Chemotherapy

Courtesy of Jane Nelson, MD, FACS. Austin Breast Center.

"I don’t think that there is any other method that would have found my cancer so that we could treat it and I can be here today. We did a Breast PET and my right breast lit up with the cancer. A breast biopsy confirmed triple negative breast cancer."

SallyBreast Cancer Survivor

"Molecular breast imaging offers women with dense breast tissue a much better chance at detecting breast cancer when treatment is easier and more successful. It has really changed the dynamics in our center. It is well tolerated by patients, quick to interpret and allows us to go over the results in real time with patients (acting on any findings on the same visit). The published data and our clinical experience has been exceptional. Our referring physicians and dense patients have a lot more peace of mind."

Dr. Robin Shermisradiologist and director of ProMedica Breast Care

"One of the important reasons I am a breast cancer survivor is because Gamma Medica’s LumaGEM detected breast cancer after my mammogram read negative – my accurate diagnosis empowered me to take action immediately. If you have dense breast tissue, MBI could save your life like it did for mine."

Diannepatient and breast cancer survivor

"I owe my life to the Breast PET scan."

ShawnAfter having an MRI and mammogram, Shawn still wasn’t getting definitive answers.